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Christmas on the Range

We would like to share some of our Holiday spirit with everyone on the Internet, so I created this page. Christmas is a time for families and I sure did enjoy ours over the holiday season. So grab a coke and I hope you have those boots kicked off and have your feet propped up by a nice cosy fireplace.....

The Range

The Range decorated

Xmas tree

Tree decorated with Coke, Minnie Mouse, and Egg ornaments

Family StockingsCoca-Cola Town Square Village

Stocking hung by the chimney with care & Coke Town Square Village

Grandson with TruckGrandson with Clothes

Grandson opening some of his gifts

Granddaughter with Toy Granddaughter opening present

Granddaughter opening and with some of her presents


Hoped you enjoyed viewing Christmas at my range, and look for this page to change to another special time of the year - Valentine's Day!


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